We bring premium-only product to Europe following the unique Craftsman 2 Customer market strategy.

Baum cycles

Darren Baum builds together with his team high quality frames. Titanium and steel frames with a strong identity. Customized with a breathtaking appearance, that is the premise of Baum cycles.

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More information about Baum cycles is available on the dedicated mini site or at our premium-only shop.

Our Baum bikes can be assembled with the saddles and handlebar tape of Busyman. With precision and craftsmanship makes Mick Peel saddles and bar tape of Kangaroo that perfectly match to the chosen colors and designs of the Baum frames. The products of Mick Peel apply also to other frames.

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Interesting? Read more about these products on the Busyman mini site or our premium-only shop.

Craig Edwards designs and makes brakes with an exclusive design. This is a must-have for riders which like to take alternative routes.

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Francois Marie Boyaux is the last European craftsman who makes tires by hand following the original concept. More info available at our premium-only shop.

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GOKISO is a spin-off from Kondo Machine Corporation, dedicated to bearings for aircraft engines. GOKISO is coming from the temple close to Nagoya - Japan, the place where the concept of GOKISO was born. With the machines of Kondo it is possible to make bearings with ultra precision. The stabilizing hubs complete the concept to make hubs running as smooth as you have never experienced before. More info available at our premium-only shop.

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