Sep 2015

24h of LeMans 2015

The fourth race of the season was the legendary 24h or Le Mans in France. The event was full of tradition including all flags and anthems of the 450 teams participating at the starting grid.

The starts was thrilling with 32 degrees temperature and a very dry wind from a large fire in the forest close to the circuit. Only a small group of 30 teams could survive the first hour in front of the race including the two Baum teams.


At night a large thunderstorm tortured the riders, the circuit was one big swimming pool. We decided to call the riders back to the pit box because it was to dangerous, only a few other teams followed us and we lost a lot of time because race control did not follow-up on our call for safety first. During the night we lost more track time with three flat tires and two crashes within these difficult weather conditions.


The next day the sun was shining again and we managed our way towards to finish line with both teams. One team finished 11th and the other team 14th. If you look at all the problems we faced.... still very good results!