May 2014

24 hours of Zandvoort

The Endurance Cycling Team is on the starting list of the 24 hours of Zandvoort together with 115 other teams. The team is joining forces together with team FFWD wheels, the baseline of a very successful first season.

The line-up of the team was:
- Arjan Fidder
- Dirk Bellemakers
- Johannes Buntjer
- Thijs Bleeker

After 24 hours the sister team FFWD wheels finishes 2nd and the Endurance Cycling Team finishes 5th. Next to that Leon van Bon is riding on his Baum cycles and finishes with his team third.



The Endurance Cycling Team is a spin-off from Bureau Fidder for the branding of Baum Cycles in Europe. Quickly other partners join the team for the first race at Zandvoort on May 17th. 2014.