Jun 2015

12h of Monza 2015 - 2nd place

Autodromo di Monza, the temple of speed, was the place to be for the 12h of Monza. Over 200 registrated teams started at 9pm for a race from Dusk till Dawn. These teams contained surprising names like Bugno, Chiappucci and existing pro riders like Pelucchi, Nizolo and Pozzato.


We started with the following line-up:
- Race Team 1 - 4th and 3rd in class
(Line-up Gerald Keijzer, Tino Hazelhoff, Reinhard van Dijk and Patrick Geraerts)
- Race Team 2 - 2nd and 1st in class
(Line-up Arjan Fidder, Matthias Bergener, Martijn de Raad and Leon van Bon)

After a thrilling opening hour with an average of 45km per hour we noticed that it would be a very hard race. After several hours we moved into the counter attack to catch two teams who made it into the break away. 4,5 hours of racing against darkness later we made it to get the peloton one lap down. 5 teams moving into the final hours of the race with all other teams one lap or more back.


The factory team of Kuoto with 8 riders including Chiappucci made it to keep an advantage and we had to sprint for 2nd place and 1st in class (4 riders per team). Both our teams decided to sprint separate to surprise the Italian teams. With success, Leon van Bon of team 2 finished 2nd overall behind the leader and Tino of team 1 finished 4th and 3rd in class.


It will not be a surprise that we were very happy with these great results.

24h of Zolder 2015 - 3rd place

The first race of this season was at the race circuit of Zolder. This time we had all spotlights on our team with the pressure of the leader jersey, winner of the 2014 series, and the golden number one.


It was a hard race with teams taking laps advantage and loosing these laps later. Only two teams from the same sponsor survived in the front with one lap ahead of the rest.


Leon van Bon, Hans Westerveld and Tino Hazelhoff took care about the final hour after all other team members did an extreme good job. Leon used his experience as pro-rider to be the lead out for Tino and he used all his passion to win the bunch sprint for 3rd place overall. No other rider on the photo finish!


With 160 team on the starting list, Team 1 finished 3rd overall and 1st in class. Team 2 finished 15th overall and 3rd in class and the Experience team finished 41st overall and 6th in class. We can only be very happy with such good results during the opening weekend of this season.