Aug 2016

24h LeMans, the legend

On August 20st the team traveled to France for the 24 hours of LeMans, the most famous endurance track! This was a special edition because the team was followed by a camera team to make a movie.


The team did the utmost against the other 474 teams on the starting grid when the French flag dropped. Brian started the race in the front group, Japser took over followed by Gerald and Patrick. All doing stints of 1,5 hours and changing riders after that.

Team 2 with Arjan, Coen, Daniel, Kevin and Tino supported Team 1 and Thijs was on a special journey as solo rider.

After 24 hours Team 1 finished 4th in Class which was a major result at the toughest 24 hour race in the World. Thijs finished 6th in Class for solo riders which was also much better as his objective of a top 10 finish. Team 2 finished 16th which was not important because the focus was this race on the support of Team 1.

The movie will be broadcasted by the end of September. Stay tuned to see this movie!