Baum team is riding 24h Nordschleife

With several good climbers we started at the 24H Nordschleife. 650 teams on the starting grid of the most challenging track in the World. 26 kilometers, 70 curves and over 570 height meters every lap.

After 9 hours the team was riding within the top 10 when Arjan crashed. He made it back to the pit lane with a broken pedal but lost some time, Leon took over to give him some rest. Two hours later Leon his stomach.... with all these problems the team was not able to keep a top 10 position and after 24 hours the team rolled still as 26th over the finish line because Martijn and Coen did a major effort!

The second team of Baum on the track did it also not bad. With Tino and Matthias as experienced riders and Jelle and Stijn as trainee they finished 31st out of 650 teams!