6 reasons to choose Your Bespoke bicycle

We receive many questions why to choose for a Bespoke bicycle. To answer your questions we have put these reasons together in a document. Enjoy reading!

6 reasons to choose Your bespoke bicycle

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New Showroom

Last weekend we had the opening of our new Showroom at the Nieuwe Markt 18 in Kampen, The Netherlands. This showroom is only open for visitors who has an appointment because we prefer to take all time needed for the needs of each customer.


BikeMotion 2015

BikeMotion 2015 was a great succes for our brand. Many visitors had a look at our awesome bikes and we received many compliments for our premium booth.


Finest Selection

For our customers we have configured carefully a great set of bikes. These bikes are part of the “Finest selection” program. High quality bikes for a awesome price based on good contracts with suppliers. We give customers the opportunity to benefit from these contract via this program.

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Baum Cycles endurance team ready for 2015

At the new head quarters of FFWD Wheels, sponsor of the team, the new line-up of the Baum Cycles endurance team was presented. The team counts 7 lead riders which are Arjan Fidder, Dirk Bellemakers, Gerald Keijzer, Leon van Bon, Patrick Geraerts, Reinhard van Dijk and Tino Hazelhoff.


Each rider showed his new “personal” bike with colors he could choose himself.


More info about the team can be found via the following link